Friday, June 26, 2009


Stop Thinking About Drinking Alcohol

It is easy dealing with alcohol cravings. But the most important thing to consider first is to know what lies within and who you are dealing with. It is natural to experience alcohol cravings when you are on the midst of your stop drinking alcohol procedure. However, if you are really determined to stop drinking alcohol, you should seek first for methods that can prevent alcohol cravings and not to think of drinking again.

Alcohol cravings are cravings to alcohol due to the desire of your system on getting “high” again as it usually feel when you are under the influence. When you decide to stop drinking alcohol, this “booze” doesn’t happen to the body so the body tries to find the substance it needed to experience that feeling when consuming.

When you are in the center of the stop drinking process, expect that you will experience these cravings for alcohol and the longing to drink again because the body tends to seek for the “feeling” that it usually feels when you are drinking. The system craves for the substance that provides this feeling and the only answer is the consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol cravings are also defense mechanism of the system of the alcoholic to supply the body of what it thinks it needed to function normally. An alcoholic may experience the attack of alcohol cravings especially if he is suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Dealing with alcohol cravings is not as complicated as it seems to be. There are a variety of medical prescription drugs that can give the same effects as alcohol does when these cravings attack. These synthetic drugs main goal is to supply the needed substance the body is longing for. Alternative alcohol substance may be hard to get without prescription so be sure to secure one from your medical doctor. There are also proven side effects of these drugs so ask a medical expert first before purchasing one.


There are also alcohol cravings control programs that are available in many alcohol rehabilitation center such as alcohol addiction facilities and detoxification center in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Asia countries. They can provide the proper program in controlling alcohol cravings by means of support group that know how to deal with alcoholism.

There are also food that you may want to avoid like food that are high in sugar content and all processed foods that are low in nutrients and minerals that are needed in the diet to ease the stop drinking alcohol procedure. It is known that you may experience also alcohol sugar cravings. An alcoholic’s craving to sugar is due to the fact that the body is seeking for other substance that will feel him satisfied. You will only experience extreme alcohol cravings if you introduce high content sugar in your body.

Another way in dealing alcohol cravings is to keep the mind busy all the time. Stop thinking about drinking alcohol by providing your system some physical activities to conquer these cravings to alcohol. If you want to beat alcoholism and want to really stop drinking alcohol, engage in sports work-out or activities to keep the mind from thinking about drinking alcohol. In this way, you can provide a much productive event to your everyday life rather than hanging out with your drinking buddies.

If you are thinking of the benefit of the long term sobriety, you can motivate your self and stop drinking alcohol. This will be able to deal with alcohol cravings by means of motivating your self that you need to stop drinking. Dealing with alcohol cravings can be easy if you are determined to stop drinking. Take into consideration all the feelings of your family whenever they see you drunk or under the influence of alcohol. Think of all the bad situation you have been through whenever you are cravings to alcohol. This will allow your mind to deal with the cravings and take off alcohol in your system.

You can find a lot of alternative activities instead of drinking. You can deal with alcohol cravings by means of changing your thoughts to a more productive leisure time.

It is a mere fact that it is hard to stop drinking alcohol if you don’t know the proper technique in stopping drinking. But there are easy ways to deal with alcohol cravings and there are many alternative activities than drinking making it easy for an alcoholic to stop drinking alcohol.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Ready to Stop Drinking Alcohol?

If you are planning to get the goal in stopping drinking, you must decide whether you want to stop drinking alcohol forever, go for abstinence or just control the pattern of your drinking habit. You are the only one who can decide to stop drinking or not. Only you can make plans that you can use prior in beating alcoholism. It is your mind and self that can really choose if you want to give up alcohol or just taper off alcohol consumption.

If you want to cut down your alcohol intake, then it is better to set a specific date or time. You can stop drinking alcohol gradually by setting a specific time for drinking. This will allow you to taper off the consumption of alcohol and finally stop drinking later on. The dependency to alcohol doesn’t happen overnight and alcoholic’s alcohol addiction is not suddenly acquired until it becomes a habit. So it is a fact that alcohol addiction penetrates the system of your body in a long period of drinking and this reason makes alcoholism hard to overcome. It is better to deal with the addiction to alcohol in a gradual manner.

Cutting down drinking of alcohol will not be advisable to individuals who cannot control his drinking. If a person cannot stop at one or two drinks at one time, he may go for abstinence. Stop drinking and quit from alcohol immediately after you have realized that there is a need to stop it. If you just cut down drinking, you will always feel the urge of drinking excessively. You cannot fully stop drinking in this situation because you cannot control your situation. You will find your self always drunk and this will not help to give up alcohol. It will only worsen the situation by giving your self an opportunity to be hook to the addiction everytime you are consuming alcohol.

Once an alcoholic plans to stop drinking, he should always keep in mind that it is natural to have a relapse. It is a natural way for an alcoholic to find obstacles on his way to recovery. There is no such thing as “smooth recovery”. You will always hit upon some trials and challenges if you really want to stop drinking alcohol.

There are plenty if difficulties even if you are just seeking for easy ways to stop drinking. The internet has a large variety of blogs and sites that deals with alcohol addiction. There are plenty of ebooks found in the internet that you can read if you are planning to stop drinking. There are even hundreds of authors writing about how to stop drinking with free books that claim they have the answers on beating alcoholism. But I must say and this is a fact that there are few who really provides tips and techniques to help stop drinking.

When my stopping drinking journey begins, there are lots of questions I have in my mind. I ask myself what will make me stop drinking. What are the easy ways to stop drinking? Whom will I ask if I experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms? How can I avoid alcohol cravings without the help of synthetic drugs?

I just search for answers on the internet. But it is not easy to find answer especially if you don’t have idea on what or which the proper ways to stop drinking are.

But it serves me as challenge to seek for steps that I can use prior to stopping drinking. I finally proved that it is possible to give up alcohol and make my self onto success. It is possible to stop drinking and beat alcoholism on your own.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Advice From an Alcoholic to Every Alcoholics

It is about time to post article about different methods on how to stop drinking alcohol. Tips to help stop drinking will be the most part of this post.

Alcoholism becomes a problem nowadays on almost every household so it should be properly treated to avoid all the long term effects physically and emotionally. There are numerous tips to help stop drinking that you can acquire on the internet and I guess I have been guided accordingly.

This post is all about how to stop drinking the right way. We all know that excessive consumption of alcohol is one of the huge problems these days. It ruined many lives and the lives of people surrounding an alcoholic. A lot of relationships have been broken and this is just a bit of the short term effects of alcohol in the social life of an alcohol addict.

My main reason why I am writing articles connected on tips to help stop drinking is that I used to be an alcoholic before. I have been hooked to alcohol addiction for almost all my life so I want to share all my experiences as an alcoholic. I also want to give other individual who have been alcohol dependent some of my tips and methods on how I stopped drinking. I want to provide some good ways that everyone who has a problem in their drinking habit can use without the help of alcohol rehabilitation center or alcohol rehabilitation program. We don’t need to spend a lot of money to get tips to help stop drinking. We just have to read and motivate our selves prior in quitting drinking.

A lot of blogs I have read write that there are no easy ways to stop drinking. Their issues are that there are no known facts on how to stop drinking on your own. Actually there is some easy ways that you can do in order to beat alcoholism. Fortunately, I have proven within my self that everyone who has been hooked to alcohol in a very long period of time can actually stop their drinking habit without the help of support groups like Alcoholic Anonymous. But it is better to acquire assistance to these help support group like alcohol rehabilitation program or alcohol detox center because they can provide a lot of medical treatment. If you are experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms like I did when I started to stop drinking, you should seek for medical advice from medical experts that deals with alcohol addiction. There is no better way to treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms than to be at a facility that provides special treatment like alcohol rehab program.

A lot of alcoholics are still ignorant when it comes with dealing with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. They didn’t know what to do when these symptoms attack and make them suffer. In case you wonder how I deal with these kinds of sufferings there are some tips that will help you to stop these kinds of signs.

The best way to stop drinking is to motivate your self. Your willpower to beat alcoholism will manipulate your determination that there is a need to stop your drinking habit. It can also change your attitude towards admitting to others that you have a problem in drinking and you are hooked to alcohol addiction. It will generate a lot of control to the situation and coping with the problem and can allow you to give up drinking.

When you are ready to give up drinking alcohol, ask family members to support you all the way. Easy ways to stop drinking are ways that you can do with your family not by your self alone. When I say that there are easy ways to quit on your own, I am telling you to include your family on the list not by your self alone. They can give you some advice prior to stop drinking alcohol and assistance when you need it.

What else should you know about how to stop drinking? I am not here to make fancy illusion and hypnosis on how to stop but I tell you that it is possible to quit drinking. With the right approach and the right timing you can easily beat alcoholism and stop drinking alcohol. You can stay sober, get the result you want and live a healthier life.

If you really want to stop drinking alcohol, just open your eyes on all the tips here to help you. There are from my own experiences and stories as an alcoholic and you should not forget to consider all these tips to stop drinking.

I am now recovering from being an alcoholic so I want to share these tips to stop drinking to all of you.

Friday, June 12, 2009



There are lots of individuals out there that really want to stop drinking. They want to stop their drinking habit because they know that there are no positive effects in drinking alcohol. Drinking alcoholic beverages only makes their lives uncontrollable and can make things worst. So they want to give up alcohol, stop drinking cold turkey or beat their bad drinking habit on their own.

Many alcoholics can’t stop drinking alcohol because of many factors. They can’t stop due to lack of knowledge on how to stop drinking. Alcoholics don’t know the easy ways to stop drinking and they don’t know when, where and how to begin. They don't even know that they are hook to alcohol addiction and don't know ways of beating alcoholism. They are on the starting point of deciding whether to quit or not but if the difficulties comes into mind, they are likely to submerge that decision and go back to drinking again. The hardest part of stopping drinking alcohol is the starting period of decision.

The process of stopping drinking and the willingness to stop drinking alcohol will be difficult in the first few days especially when someone is hooked to the habit in a long period of time. Alcohol addiction doesn’t happen overnight. It occurs when a person drinks excessively in a long period of time. It is a long term habit that gradually affects your whole system. So it is very difficult to deal with without the proper and right supervision. It is very hard to stop drinking alcohol if you do not know the techniques involving right discipline and motivation.

I experienced the same situation when I decided to stop drinking. I realized that it is very difficult than I imagine. I don’t have the complete and proper motivation to start. I don’t have the determination and courage to really deal with my drinking problem. I don’t get full support from my family because they think it is just another decision that I can’t accomplish.

But I managed to prove to them that I really want to stop drinking alcohol. I did a lot of research on how to stop drinking on my own. I didn’t stop until I have all the knowledge I needed to beat my bad habit of drinking excessively. I know that if I can prove to them that I really want to stop drinking, they will give their trust to me and they will give their moral support that I needed.

Think of your family as a motivation. They will be your motivation in the first phase to decide that you really want to stop drinking. Think of them when you feel you will experince alcohol withdrawal symptoms like seizures and DTs. Always think that you want to get their trust back and that you need their trust to be able to fully recover from alcohol addiction.

When I understand that I have produced a lot of pain and misery to my family when I am drunk or under the influence of alcohol, I had motivated my self that I really need to stop drinking alcohol.

Negative situations happened only when I am drunk. I did a lot of negative decisions and I think that this is the proper time that I really need to stop drinking. My family expects a lot of good things from me. They know that I can fulfill all my dreams and my dreams for them. So it is better to stop the only thing that hinders that scenario. I should and must stop drinking alcohol before it is impossible for me to stop that drinking habit.

I feel like alcohol produced many bad situations in my life and it does ruin my personal life and the life of others as well so to speak. I am encouraging you also to stop drinking before it is too late to quit.

Learn to motivate yourself to come up with the decision to stop drinking . There are no benefits in drinking alcohol and the long term effects of being addicted to alcohol can be a life threatening situation and can ruin your whole being as well as the relationships with your families and friends. Seek for tips, advice, assistance and help to stop drinking alcohol. There are lots of available tips to stop drinking on the internet and you can find many e-books that can provide you all the basics you need.

When on the process of stopping drinking, never forget to seek advice and support from your family that can provide you all the help and assistance you can get. Stop drinking alcohol now and get your self back.

About This

It is very difficult to stop drinking alcohol and beat alcoholism but it is possible with the proper and correct approach. I used to be an alcoholic but I managed to get out of alcohol addiction and I am staying away from it for good. I made this blog to provide ways to stop drinking alcohol and tell others that it is possible to combat alcoholism. Giving away tips to help stop that terrible habit and maintain a good, healthy and normal living. If you really want to give up the habit of drinking too much, you need to have will power and self-control.

You don’t need to spend a lot of hours and money just to stop drinking. There are lots of easy ways and natural ways to deal with alcohol addiction. All you need is motivation to kick this kind of BAD habit. You just need to open your eyes to all the necessary requirements and you can beat alcohol addiction on your own.

It has many benefits if you stop drinking and you can avoid all the troubles and problems you encountered when you are drunk. Be responsible enough and kick the habit now to be a winner in the future.

Thank you!

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